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Waking Up In Paradise- New short film

The feature film project screenplay of Waking Up has been under development since 2011. Quite some time… Due to a massive stroke in 2015 just after the second draft was finished followed by a devastating divorce, the screenplay development has taken its time… But never the less, I managed to finish the screenplay of Waking Up, which is now on 120 pages in fourth draft. And in the fall of 2023 we shot a short film based on SCENE 62 from the screenplay. It has now been sent to over 200 festivals through Film Freeway, and so far it is selected/award winner on over 40 festivals! The film below is a trailer for the short film as it can’t be published before the festival circuit is complete..

Waking Up In Paradise- New short film

Collaboration with Sugarain productions

SANDØ FILM is proud to cooperate with Sugarain film production.

We are working on a short film with the theme ‘human trafficking’, a campaign for Human rights.

The story is in the process of writing, and we’ll be needing talented actors, both male and female.

About Us

Sandø Film is a film production company that produces films of high quality for web, TV and cinema.