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New Films for Mariestad in Sweden

2013-08-27 06.11.03 pmThe films were scheduled to be finished 6 months ago, but that was before the politicians decided they wanted to spend more money on the films, and thus, more time. But now they are finally finished and was launched yesterday.

One 3:14 min film presenting the commune in the light I saw it as a more or less outsider, and one 20 sek TV commercial airing in the Örebro/Stockholm area. My first TV commercial by the way. Yay! Both films are trying to emphasize the good stuff about this place, which was many things making it hard to choose. But it looks like we have succeeded. Over 3500 veiws on YouTube the first 24 hours!

Mariestad is a cozy little town right on the east side the big lake of Vänern with lots of possibilities, but of course and emphasis on water sports and leisure activities.

You can see the films on the commune’s own website:…


Mariestad TV Commercial Finally Finished!

I’ve been working with Mariestad’s commune in Sweden for several months on a short TV commercial (20 sek) and a longer film (3-4 min). The TV commercial is finally finished and will air in Sweden in the Stockholm and surrounding areas from August. The longer film will be finished later this summer and will air on the web together with the commercial. They are both aimed at getting more people to move to Mariestad. I don’t blame them as this little town is a nice place, located next to Vänern as it is, the largest lake of Western Europe.

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