Use Love – LateBloomer

Use Love was not only my first music video, but also my first film ever, not counting a 5 minute ‘horror movie’ I did with my father’s Super 8 camera with a friend in my mother’s basement when we were 12.

Yes, it’s me running around in an angels costume the video above. The song is from my first (and last, so far) album, and it happened like this. A friend of mine had the idea that I should dress out as an angel in this video, since she thought that would fit the lyrics very well.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but eventually I went along with it. She filmed me inside, but when I wanted to film outside, she chickened out! So, I had to get another friend to film that part, which he did gladly. Non of them had any film experience, apart from starting/stopping/pointing the camera. So, of course, it had to be a very ‘lo-fi’ film, which was deliberate style I went for.

For some reason, I had had a strange fear for years that I some day would dance down Karl Johan (our main street in Oslo) in an angel costume, and in this video, I actually do it. I have faced my fear, it’s not there anymore. ;)

Now, I hadn’t planned to start any film career with this video, so the plan was to get the same film production company I borrowed the camera from to also cut it, since they owed me a favor (I did music to a film for them that never panned out economically).

The problem was that I got delayed with the shooting because of the weather (no surprise in Norway…), and when I finally got to shoot it two weeks later, the film producers didn’t have the time to cut it right away, but had to wait another 2-3 weeks. I had my old laptop and found a old version of Sony Vegas, a cheap film editing program for PC. So I thought, I could give it a try myself…..?

And so I did. 3 weeks later, I had cut my first music video. I showed it to the film producers, and they said they couldn’t have made a better job themselves. So, there you go.

This video played at Midem, a huge music business convention in Cannes, where another Norwegian artist discovered it and thought my lo-fi video was the best of all the videos on the screen. She went on to ask me if I could do hers….! I thought she was kidding, but she wasn’t. She wanted the same lo-fi look in her video as I had in mine. And that video became the Fairytalevideo.

Unfortunately, I have lost the original HQ files to both of these videos, so they appear even more lo-fi than they actually are.

Date: 27.01.2007 Client: LateBloomer Skills: Music Video

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