Löjromsresa Vänern – Caviar Trip Lake Vänern – Sweden

Directed, shot and edited by Harald Sandø. Script by Anna Ohlin Ek and Harald Sandø. Voice over by Helge Skoog.

I was asked to make a mini documentary aimed at offering a rather rare experience for tourists in Sweden interested in the Swedish caviar; löjrom. The film, and the trip, shows how the small fishes are fished and milked for their precious caviar by a little legion of workers squeezing the fishes empty two months of the autumn every year. Hopefully, the film will tickle the curiosity of people, making them jump on this trip into the grand lake of Vänern, learning about the Löjrom Fishing Tradition and ending the day with a nice löjrom inspired dinner in the closest town.

Date: Fall 2012 Client: Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle AB Skills: Corporate, Documentary Website: www.lackokinnekulle.se

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