Eliksir – Fairytale

Directed, shot and edited by Harald Sandø.

My first music video, Use Love, was the most ‘lo-fi’ video among all the videos at Midem in 2006. Luckily, that was just the look Elin Synnøve Bråthen (then Eliksir) was looking for. She commissioned me to make her first video also, and so it was. I borrowed a Sony semi professional video camera, shot it in Oslo and edited this one too on Vegas on my old laptop. And on the spring of 2007 the video was done. Øystein Sevåg was the producer of her CD and helped pouring water in the tub, holding light and contribute with comments on the editing.

The video played on several networks and ended up winning the Exposure Music Awards in England in 2008 for ‘Best Music Video’. With this video I made a decision to transfer from music to film. A decision I am glad I made.

Date: 21.03.2007 Client: Siddhartha Records Skills: Music Video Website: www.elinsynnove.no/videos/

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